this is the part where im talked about. and “Hairston” is my RA

Some students, like senior Jasmine Hairston, are still dealing with the academic consequences of the upheaval. Last year Hairston was a residential advisor to over 30 first-year students.

β€œA good majority of my girls were in Otto Miller Hall when it happened and knew Paul Lee, the student who died. So it was very heavy on our floor,” she said.

Hairston helped them gather together, texted encouragement when they were away, and walked students to counseling sessions. She wasn’t able to complete all her classes, so she’s finishing that coursework this fall. Hairston and other students said it’s been disorienting to see their school in the headlines over the shooting. But they’re glad the world got to see their response, in all its honesty.


there is an article and radio story about me and my dorm and roommates and RA …

weird lol.. but sad :(